Crash! Space Rescue (GGJ 2017)

Title: Crash! Space Rescue
Platform: PC, Mac
Engine: Unity3D
Language: C#
Role: Lead Programmer, Project Lead

Crash! Space Rescue is a small click-to-move game for PC and Android that was made for the 2017 Global Game Jam at University.

You play a hapless astronaut flying through space, unfortunately he seems to crash on every planet he sees. The game starts after you have seemingly crashed on another planet. It’s desolate and filled with mutant crabs. The objective of the game is simple, collect enough rescue modules to build a radio tower and then survive the waves of enemies until time runs out. Be careful though, you have a limited amount of oxygen and once your suit runs out you’ll lose health slowly over time. Last long enough, and a transport ship will come to happily whisk you away. Off to the next planet.

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